Surya Saketh E's Senior Project Blog

Project Title: The SenSym Project
BASIS Advisor: Camille Bennett
Internship Location: Grand Canyon University
Onsite Mentor: Isac Artzi

Project Abstract

This research project seeks to pioneer an innovative approach to therapy by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to decipher emotions from various forms of expression, including text, speech, facial cues, and drawings. The goal is to create a comprehensive tool that revolutionizes emotional intelligence assessment in therapeutic settings. Drawing on prior research in emotional analysis, sentiment detection, and facial expression recognition, this interdisciplinary study aims to bridge the gap between traditional qualitative methods and cutting-edge technological analyses. The project's significance lies in its potential to elevate therapy by giving therapists deeper insights into their clients' emotional states. Through precise analysis and AI-driven tools, therapists can gain a clearer understanding of their client's feelings and perspectives, enabling more tailored and effective interventions. Integrating technology, including real-time analysis of facial expressions, speech patterns, and artistic creations, opens new frontiers in mental health treatment. The research methodology involves exploring existing literature on emotional analysis in diverse mediums, from artwork to text, and incorporating technological advancements in AI-driven emotional intelligence tools. By understanding how different forms of expression connect to emotional states, the project aims to provide therapists with comprehensive and empathetic tools for personalized therapy. Findings from this study could revolutionize emotional intelligence assessment, fostering collaborative efforts with mental health professionals, technology developers, and academic communities. Ultimately, the research envisions enhancing the well-being and lives of individuals seeking mental health support through a novel, AI-driven therapeutic approach.

    My Posts:

  • Project Rehearsals and editing

    Hey guys, the past week after my GCU presentation, I've been working on the slideshow and explanations I will give at the BASIS Phoenix Senior project presentation day. By going from explaining the parts of the question, to going into the details of the project, I hope all of you guys will enjoy my presentation... Read More

  • Final Product

    Hey guys, This past week I've been busy working on my presentation at gcu and the overall project methodology summary. I was able to present at a conference last Thursday and I got to meet some pretty cool undergrad students and professors. Here is the poster I presented: Read More

  • Code Finished.

    Hey everyone, I finished finalizing the requirements for the audio code. Here's how it works. Step 1: The code will ask you to say, "Hey, how's it going?" or something similar to get an RMS which is essentially a numerical value that shows how loud the tester is speaking. Step 2: Once that's done, the... Read More

  • Image Description

    Over the past week, I've been working on the code that implements an AI vision API(Application Programming Interface), and now, I can essentially pass an image into my Python IntelliJ code and get a description for the image. For example, here is the c0de: import base64 import requests # OpenAI API Key api_key = "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"... Read More

  • Crafting

    Hey everyone, I just got back from a trip, however, I was able to plan the images people would need to draw for DallE analysis. DallE is essentially the most powerful image analyzing AI that we have access to today, and I will be using it as a part of my research to generate descriptions.... Read More

  • Debugging

    This past week, I have been mainly working on debugging the audio code to get it ready for testing. I met with my professor today, and the main problem we have been running into is getting the correct user interface(the things you see on the screen) to show. While we plan on working closely on... Read More

  • Getting Ready

    As I work on refining my Python code and getting it ready for testing, I'm also learning about the general applications of python in IntelliJ as well. This following week, I hope to introduce a new perspective to my project, where I cross-examine results from my emotion-analyzed audio tests to emotions extracted from drawings. I... Read More

  • Concepts or Code?

    Hello Everyone. As my project is heavily AI oriented, I decided to make a commintment to sit in at GCU's Machine Learning classes for some time to learn some basic concepts, such as clustering algorithms and self-learning AI. I am learning python as well in parallel. For my Project, I have written a python code... Read More

  • SenSym Project Week 1.

    Hello everyone. For my first meeting with my mentor, we discussed different ways to model emotional audio data from different sources, such as a conversation, as time passed. Different methods include a color spectrum bar graph or simple emojis, for example. The main plan for the following weeks would be to understand the GitHub Code... Read More