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This past week, I have been mainly working on debugging the audio code to get it ready for testing. I met with my professor today, and the main problem we have been running into is getting the correct user interface(the things you see on the screen) to show. While we plan on working closely on that, I have been planning the drawing types and getting DallE ready for the visual testing. I would have to draw different versions of drawings myself, screenshot them, and upload them to DallE to receive an analysis that I would then need to input into a new code to get the desired emotional output. Using DallE for every drawing not only allows us to keep the descriptions constant, it is also one of the most powerful image analysis tools we have.

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    Ms. Bennett
    Hi Saketh, I would love to hear you go a bit deeper on the tools you are using. What is DallE? What is used for beyond this project?

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