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Surya Saketh E -

As I work on refining my Python code and getting it ready for testing, I’m also learning about the general applications of python in IntelliJ as well. This following week, I hope to introduce a new perspective to my project, where I cross-examine results from my emotion-analyzed audio tests to emotions extracted from drawings. I would need to write some code for that. In my Machine Learning Class, I’ve learned some concepts about centroid calculating algorithms, although the code application was a little too complex.

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    Hi Saketh, it would be great if you could expand on your experience more. What are centroid calculating algorithms? What are some difficulties you have experienced while learning the code? How do you think you can overcome these difficulties?
    Johanna Packiam
    Hi Saketh! I'm really interested in how your project turns out! I was wondering what exactly are you looking for when you cross-examine the emotion-analyzed audio tests and emotions extracted from the drawings and what perspective are you hoping to introduce?
    Very exhilarating!
    What Machine Learning model are you using for your project? And will you be launching this as an app or a website?

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