SenSym Project Week 1.

Surya Saketh E -

Hello everyone. For my first meeting with my mentor, we discussed different ways to model emotional audio data from different sources, such as a conversation, as time passed. Different methods include a color spectrum bar graph or simple emojis, for example. The main plan for the following weeks would be to understand the GitHub Code that the GCU research team has already developed to analyze emotion from audio cues while testing it so that it could update data in real time. The team and I are also working on writing a basic research paper for the GCU Project deadline, which is required to be able to present at a GCU event.

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    This looks awesome! I really like the title of the blog and the perspective of how you are analyzing emotion from audio cues. For your basic research paper, what ideas or thoughts have you contemplated? I'm excited to see the progress of your project!
    Ms. Bennett
    Sounds like your first meeting went great! I am so intrigued by how AI can inform therapeutic practices. I think a challenge for any mental health practitioner is establishing trust with their client. If a therapist can read their client's emotions accurately using AI, they may be able to increase feelings of empathy, strengthening the therapeutic relationship, especially in the early stages of therapy. I think specific therapeutic applications may be something to research as you continue with your project, especially as you consider how to best share these models with clients. Can't wait to learn more!
    Aditya Goswami
    I'm impressed by your blog's title and the intriguing approach you're taking to analyze emotions through audio signals. What concepts or considerations have you explored for your foundational research piece?
    Zach Hochberg
    I'm super interested in how AI can help with therapy. Researching specific therapy uses could be cool for your project, especially how to share these models with clients. Can't wait to hear more!
    Aditya’s and Zach’s child
    I'm impressed with your blog's focus on analyzing emotions through audio. What foundational concepts are you exploring? I'm also curious about applying AI in therapy and sharing models with clients. Looking forward to learning more!
    H. S.
    Hey Saketh, what's your main goal with this code?

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