Koushita Gouri Reddy V's Senior Project Blog

Project Title: S.E.T. In: Sex Education Transformation in India
BASIS Advisor: Jen Smetanick
Internship Location: University of Arizona and Arizona State University, hybrid remote
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Bhakti Mamtora and Allison Stewart

Project Abstract

Growing up in India, I was aware of how purity culture affected how women were viewed. My senior research project aims to answer what curricula could India use to teach sex education to bridge the gap between culture/religion to the education sector in means of decreasing the importance and misinformation that India follows on purity when defining a person. Later, doing research, I realized that India has a cultural religious mythology that boasts a rich heritage of sexual awareness seen through their historical literature and sculptures in temples, thus the question of how did a country that was open about sex focus heavily on purity came to be. The significance of sex education cannot be overstated especially in India, a founding member of the United Nations, as it fails to answer article 26 of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights [which] states: ‘Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.’” (Sexual Education – Question of Morality or a Human Right?, 2019). In order to collect data I would collect the data posted online such as population tracking, historical understanding about sex education, overviews of the government’s response to the lack of a sex education curriculum, and curricula from other countries with similar conservative views which I would then combine to create a curriculum for India.

    My Posts:

  • Time to S.E.T. sail!

    Hello everyone! The preparations are coming to an end and it’s now time to finally showcase what I’ve been working towards these past few months. And what better time to showcase my sex ed curriculum than during sex education month: May! I invite everyone to my senior project presentation on May 10th from 9:25 to... Read More

  • S.E.T. In Instagram !

    Hello everyone! I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of the senior project already! There’s still much to do before it’s done and in all honesty the project will never be done, at least anytime soon. Yes, I’m creating the curriculum but I realised the main goal, the long term goal of my project, is... Read More

  • SubS.E.T. topics in “Sex is a funny word”

    Hello everyone! Today I’ll be writing about a book I read recently titles Sex is a funny word by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth. It’s actually a comic book with amazing illustrations and covers the concepts of what is sex, personal space, consent, pleasure, puberty changes, and more. Overall the book is really easy to... Read More

  • S.E.T.ting a stance on importance of mental health awareness

    Hi everyone!   This post is going to be on the same topic as last time, mental health. The reason I keep posting about this is because I would like to clarify certain aspects of the topics more and more each time, compared to the other subjects in the curriculum this one is new to... Read More

  • S.E.T.ting the importance of mental health

    Hi everyone! In this blog post I would like to talk about the information I am currently collecting for the “worksheet” (I am still thinking of what the actual name would be) which would be for the secondary school kids. The topic for this is mental health. Mental health is a topic less talked about... Read More

  • The start of S.E.T.tling down

    Hi everyone!   I would like to preface that the following blog posts might be a little repetitive in terms of “new information” I’m adding to the project as I’m currently working on putting everything together. Speaking of which, I had originally planned to have a draft of my curriculum done by today but never... Read More

  • One curricula beS.E.T. from many

    Hi everyone!   This past week I’ve looked deeper into each country from the previous post and decided which parts from each I will be focusing on and how I’ll be including my own ideas in. The curriculum will be spreading from elementary uptil high school. In elementary the curriculum would include topics seen in... Read More

  • What S.E.T.s these countries apart?

    Hey everyone!   This week has been crazy in terms of research! I’ve done an overview of the curriculums in Australia, Norway, China, and Japan. They have certain parts that overlap but also have some parts that make each unique to the population/culture of each.   Australia: covers a wide range of topics (puberty, sexual... Read More

  • What S.E.T. backs does India face about Sex Ed?

    Hey everyone!   I didn’t end up posting last week as I took it as my break week but I have a lot of new findings to share today! On Sunday the 24th of February I had a meeting with Allison Stewart who gave me more insight into what countries to look into and what... Read More

  • Creating the S.E.T.ting

    Hey everyone!   As promised this blog post will be more exciting! At least more than me just listing off tasks. This week I worked on annotating my readings I’ve collected online (I’ll put the links to the some websites at the end of the post) and gotten from my advisor, Dr. Bhakti. Each reading... Read More

  • S.E.T. Up for Success

    Hey everyone!   Thanks for reading my first official “update” for my project.  I’ve spent the past few days working on my syllabus, which took a lot longer than I expected. But on the plus side I was able to collect almost all the sources I will be looking at! I’d like to thank my... Read More

  • Ready S.E.T. Go!

    Hey everyone!   My name is Koushita Valluru and I’m a senior at BASIS Phoenix. This blog post is going to be a quick overview of what I hope for my senior project, S.E.T. In: Sex Education Transformation in India, to look like. Imagine a society where the concept of "purity" defines your worth, where... Read More