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Koushita Gouri Reddy V -

Hi everyone!


This past week I’ve looked deeper into each country from the previous post and decided which parts from each I will be focusing on and how I’ll be including my own ideas in.

The curriculum will be spreading from elementary uptil high school.

In elementary the curriculum would include topics seen in Australia and Norway’s curriculum (puberty, personal space/safety, and communication).

Middle school would be focused on Australia’s curriculum of mental health and basic biology.

High school would be reflective of how Japan and China teach topics of STIs , contraceptives, healthy attitudes, and gender identity.

As you can see, a bulk of the content would be taught in high school and that’s simply due to how the age would pertain to much of what sex ed covers.


When putting the curriculum together I plan on putting a “Age group recommended” with reasoning for why that age makes sense for that topic. For example, teaching puberty to 8 year olds may not make the most sense but recently children have been going through puberty a lot earlier than normally expected, thus it’s important, even if just for a few kids, that they know what their bodies are going through. 


Jung Yun said that “if you think too much, you won’t ever accomplish anything” and I now understand the meaning behind his words. Doing so much for this project showed me the importance of not worrying about one tiny mistake, not everything will be as you wanted it to but in the end it’ll work out. This following week I will be creating the curriculum and plan on having the paper version done by my next post!

Thank you for reading!

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    Hi Koushita! This is a really interesting project! I look forward to seeing your final product!
    Sounds like a great start. What made you select those specific countries for each age group?
    Srimayi Lakkireddy
    Hi Koushita! This is a really interesting project! I look forward to seeing your final product!
    Thank you Ms. Bennett! I choose these countries due to what they are known for. Australia is known for their awareness of mental health (especially in comparison to other countries), Norway has a sex ed curriculum which has been progressing the past few years, and China and Japan are both Asian countries (similar to India) which are conservative in nature but still relay the information.
    Jen Smetanick
    Would you consider including a parent guide in your curriculum? For example, to provide parents with pamphlets or hold seminars to share common best practices to communicate with their children on topics such as personal safety, mental health, STIs, etc.
    Hi Ms. Smetanick! Yes, I plan to create an almost short version of a worksheet in the format of a booklet which would aid in giving teachers ideas/activities to keep students engaged and information for parents to have. For example, the topic of mental health would have a booklet which covers signs of mental health and the effects. The pressures of performing well in school is far greater in India then most other places in the world, and children don’t know how to deal with that stress and parents don’t know its a problem. While it’s not a common topic that parents thing that their children experience I would frame, for example, “inability to sleep is an effect of high stress levels which could result in poor performance at school.” This way the topic is something the parents and children can notice and an effect which they deeply care about.

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