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Koushita Gouri Reddy V -

Hey everyone!


Thanks for reading my first official “update” for my project. 

I’ve spent the past few days working on my syllabus, which took a lot longer than I expected. But on the plus side I was able to collect almost all the sources I will be looking at! I’d like to thank my on-site advisors who have been really supportive with the documents they’ve shared with me.

Today’s post is going to be a bit of an overview of what my syllabus looks like but I hope not to bore you too much. (The following posts will be more exciting)

February 23rd – I hope to have my background research compiled and done. This includes: how India’s religious background would possibly react to the curricula and making note of that, and additionally looking into the UN’s standards for sex education. As seen in my abstract, the UN mentions how sex education is a human right, and India, a part of the UN, fails to provide that (minus classes you’d take to become a doctor).

March 15th – I will be focusing on reading through and organizing curricula from different countries such as Japan (which used to have a good sex ed curriculum but is now failing – why?), Malaysia, Netherlands (known for the best sex ed – I’ll be looking into how the “best” is measured as the “best” and implanting that into my curricula), and the Philippines. 

March 29th – I will be combining the data collected above to format a formal curricula for India.

Then I put in a buffer week, from April 1-5, just in case something doesn’t go as planned (which is a normal part of any project).

April 5th onwards would be spent getting my final presentation ready and practicing actually presenting.


As Benjamin Franklin once said “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” so this preparation is my step towards a successful senior project!


Thank you for reading!

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    Hi Koushita! I think preparation is a big part of making sure a project goes smoothly. It's very smart to include a buffer week as well. What type of sources are you looking at? Are they academic papers or school curricula and such?
    Hey Koushita! Preparation is definitely very important for any project. I think it's very smart to add a buffer week as well. What type of sources will you be looking at? Is it academic papers or school curricula and such?
    Jen Smetanick
    Hi Koushita, Wonderful job! I especially look forward to reading your research on curricular from different countries. Could you share why you chose Malaysia and the Philippines for evaluation? Have you considered other nearby countries such as China or Korea? Also, I love to read your quote at the end of each post. 😊
    Thank you Sowmithra! As for the sources I plan to use a variety due to the many different parts there are to my project. For example I will be using school curricula from other countries, laws and regulations in said countries (including India), UN statements, and religious literature. But again those are just examples.
    Koushita Valluru
    谢谢屠老师!The reason I chose those countries is specific is due to the access I had to their curricula which were from reliable sources/schools. but I will be looking into other countries as time permits. Thank you for the suggestions!

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