Week 9: Wrapping Things Up

Edie L -

Hi guys!

I am very excited about the end of this week because it is the final week of our lab. Our labs are all done and we just have one more week to go! For this week, we were finalizing the last edits of the lab. There was some confusion in the wording of the labs, so I went back and reread them. When we did the lab, there was only one person left who had to do the micropipette lab. They had already finished the FTIR lab, so the micropipette was the last one. I also partnered up with them so that they could have someone else to do the lab with. We both laughed at how small 0.003 grams was. We made the stock solution, and diluted the whey protein. We put the solutions into the wells and the Coomassie Blue as well. We were both confused why there were different volumes when we pipetted the Coomassie Blue in. We are not sure why that happened. We both knew how to use the pipettes, but for some reason, some of the wells ended up being filled to the top while the rest were only halfway full. We still ran the wells though the microplate reader. The student will create a calibration curve, and then we will see if different volume will affect the reading. So now what? We finished both labs with one week left. What are we going to do? I will move on to one last lab. It is a smell lab. I will be looking into the different molecules that makes something smell. We will be smelling garlic oil, rose oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, vinegar, ammonia, and eucalyptus. I think this will be a fun lab to look more into and perform. I can’t wait for next week!

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    Hi Edie! Congratulations on completing the lab! I hope your next lab goes well too!
    Congratulations on finishing your lab! It sounds like a blast, and a bit funny how all that work just for a small product. Do you know what the outcome of your next lab should be?

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