WEEK 9: The Last Stretch!!!

Zoey C -

Hello everybody! We have only one week left until the project has officially ended and this has gone by so fast! I was supposed to have two interviews, but one had to be rescheduled.

I had the opportunity to talk to an old friend of mine, Aidan Smyer at Basin Landscaping. He started this business right before turning 16, and the fact that he was starting a business at a young age was probably the toughest moment in his business. He couldn’t rent any machinery since he was under 18. At the beginning, he started Basin Landscaping with a friend, but he was doing double the work and still splitting profits, which he decided was his biggest regret when starting. Aidan emphasized the importance of communication with clients! A lot of landscaping companies do not have good communication with their clients, and Aidan believes that this is what differentiates him from his competitors! One thing I found really interesting in this interview was that the way he keeps track of paystubs is that his employees keep track of their own hours instead of him using a software!

With my survey, I have 70 responses so far! Here is the link if you haven’t had the chance to fill it out or have anyone you can send it to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScC-Wscua8kEQWs029mYl948bmFeZFfRvcFvAAMP3LNcGwQyA/viewform?usp=sf_link

I have a close win with majority of people saying yes to wanting a soda shop! An exciting thing from this week is that somebody said they would donate $60,000 to open the soda shop, which is CRAZY!


With my business plan, I made it past the final hurdle!!! The financial projections were a struggle but I completed them! I just need to write the executive summary, then I will have completed the entire business plan for The Sip Shop. This week I have my last two interviews and finishing my business plan, then the senior project is done! 1 more week to go! I will see you guys next week! Until then, be safe everybody!

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    Taylor Phelan
    Hi Zoey! I love that you got to talk with Aidan. Did he have any hesitations with allowing employees to keep track of their own hours, or has he not run into any problems with honesty?
    Hi Taylor! It was definitely a great opportunity! He seems to not have any problems so far. He does have a software that he said he was going to start using hopefully within the next year but at the moment his business is still so small that he has not made it there yet! But he seems to trust his employees to manage their own hours.
    Hi Zoey! I love that you were able to interview a business owner who is the same age as we are. Does Aidan have any plans for expanding his business in the future?
    Hi Maddie! He does want to expand, but not too much. Aidan talked a little about wanting to continue having good quality and fears that if he were to expand too much, quality control would decrease!

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