Week 8: Graphs From The Past

Edward A -

Welcome back to my blog everyone! Week 8 is now complete, leaving us with our final 2 weeks on this project. I’m happy with how far we’ve come; however, this week I did have to backtrack a little. A few weeks ago I talked about how some of the data of the stars we did was not downloaded correctly and I had to go back and fix those stars. Well, I noticed that I had forgotten some stars, so I unfortunately had to backtrack a little more and fix those stars. Thankfully it didn’t take a ton of time since some of the code I had done last time was usable, but it was a disappointing setback nonetheless.

As per usual, I continued with a few new stars that I’m almost done with. However, with these recent stars, many of the graphs didn’t align as they should. I had encountered this problem earlier, however, not to this degree. I’m a little concerned and want to make sure they’re ok next week with Becca and Dr. Richardson.  We had to cancel our meeting for the week so I didn’t get to ask but I plan to seek help as soon as possible next week.

I didn’t get to use period 04 as much as I had planned to this week due to the minor setback; however, that will be another thing I plan to tackle next week as based on what I’ve seen.  The period 04 step of this project won’t take as long as the star coding did.

I can’t believe the progress we’ve made. Dr. Richardson and Becca have told Payton and me that they’re impressed with our work which makes me really happy because we are not only doing well, but we’re contributing to some really wonderful star research. Thanks for reading, see you guys next week!

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    Hi Edward! Its amazing how far you've come, and I cant wait to hear about the data once you guys figure out the mistake. :)
    Even though you're having setbacks, you've still done so much! I am amazed that you are actually contributing to research with your data.

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