Week 8: A Little but A LOT

Gianna F -

Hello! I hope everyone had a good week. I am currently on an airplane heading home from our short trip to Connecticut!

This week has been extremely busy for everyone! Two of my planned interviews had to be canceled due to limited availability, so I was not able to create any podcasts this week. I am hoping to push quite a few in the following week. I plan to interview both “The Porch” and “Campgrounds Coffee” along with some family-friendly business entrepreneurs.
At the CPA firm, we couldn’t be busier. I am extremely enjoying this opportunity and I am learning quite a bit about tax forms and the general filing process. We have just finished filing personal extensions. There were almost 700 of these, and roughly 200 of them were filed for clients whose returns hadn’t been started. For most clients who received an extension, our CPA team has to develop estimate payments for every client. Usually, individuals need to pay some portion of their taxes due before the deadline to avoid “late fees.” Beyond extensions, we are in crunch time trying to get as many returns as possible signed/e-filed before the deadline. Unfortunately, my job tends to boil down to putting out fires without much progress. Especially this week because we were short-staffed and I was the “head administrator/processor” for a bit of time. Regardless, being a part of the chaotic process has been an amazing experience! Once the deadline passes, which happens to line up with the ending of my senior project, we have over a month to finish the remaining returns, so we get to slow our pace a little. Additionally, after the deadline, I hope to interview accountants/CPAs to get a first-hand account of their tax year experience!

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their April! Like always, thanks for reading!

My podcast came up when I was looking up something else. I know my computer was spying, but I will take what I can get. 🙂

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    Taylor Phelan
    Hi, Gianna! I’m looking forward to hearing your next interviews. When filing personal extensions, do people have to give genuine proof that they need it?
    Hi Gianna! I can’t imagine how hectic the CPA firm is right now. Like Taylor, I can’t wait to hear you upcoming interviews, especially with The Porch! I am wondering if you have to shift your interview questions at all depending on the type of business?
    Gianna Franz
    Hi Taylor! That's a great question! Since we are licensed CPA firm, we don't need to provide justification to the IRS. In fact, as long as your filing out the right forms before April 15th you really don't have to provide justification!
    Gianna Franz
    Hi Maddie! Yes, the questions do change regarding financial barriers. For example, non-profits had to deal with donations and medical administrators have to deal with insurance. Those concepts were discussed in more depth because of the financial weight they carry. For general business admin, I am excited to see if there is a major financial burden they all struggle with or if it varies!
    Hi Gianna! I'm excited to hear your interview with Joe from Campgrounds Tea and Coffee! I don't know if you have already said this, but how long after the project are you going to continue your podcast? I would love to hear more even after the project :)

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