Week 7: Testing Things Out

Edie L -

Hi guys! This week is an exciting week because we get to see how are labs work out for the students.

On Monday, we edited the lab and made sure it read smoothly. We had a staff and a Teacher’s Assistant read the labs. We added some more information, and we also cut some repetitive paragraphs as well.

On Tuesday, I looked more into Superfund Sites in Arizona. I found the site in Dewey very interesting to learn about. The site in  Dewey is the Iron King Mine. The mine left some tailings of Arsenic and Lead that blew up to the northern part of the mine. Some of the tailing also went towards Chaparral Gulch which flowed to the Agua Fria River. There was a study where scientists took soil samples from 100 yards in residential areas. 47 of those home had to get new soil because the amount of arsenic in the yard was too much to ignore and residence would have health problems if they kept the polluted soil. I also found out that last October the Environmental Protection Agency issued a Record of Decision on how to clean up the area. They will design a future cleanup mission. I made an Excel Document about every superfund site. I think we are going to add to it more, but I will see if I can put it up here later.

On Wednesday, I helped set up for the lab.

On Thursday, we were ready to give the lab to the students. Professor Eaton has a class of freshmen that we are giving the lab to and asking for feedback when they finish. We hope that the labs read smoothly. There was an issue today as not all students could make it. There were multiple car accidents in Prescott and Prescott Valley, so some students could not make it. Professor Eaton is giving the students three weeks to finish up the two lab, so the students who could not make it do have plenty of time to get the lab done. There was also two classes who were trying to use the FTIR machines at the same time, so we had to wait before we could use them.

Both labs went ok. On Friday, I divided the FTIR lab into sections, and rewrote a supplies preparation list for a TA.

The pipettes that the students are going to use for the Protein Lab
The pipettes that the students are going to use for the Protein Lab
The Chemistry Lab room the students are going to perform the two labs in.
The Chemistry Lab room the students are going to perform the two labs in.

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    Hi Edie! It is so cool to see your lab’s progress and to see you host it for undergraduates!! Did you run into any unexpected challenges while the freshman were performing the lab?
    Hi Maddie! There was some confusion on the instructions on the lab. However, we did edit the lab after so that it is more clear.
    Hi Edie! I'm glad the lab is going well. Are there different kinds of superfund sites or just ones that are caused by lead and arsenic?

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