WEEK 7: Lots of Errors

Payton B -

This week was back to analyzing the data for the stars, however, there were a lot of errors that I did not know how to fix.

On Monday, I continued to try to download stars, but I got an error that I did not know what to do with. Because of this, I worked on some other code and tried to recall some of the things that I had forgotten.

On Tuesday, my mentor was available to help me with the errors. We tried downloading some packages but they only work for Mac so they didn’t fix the issues. Instead, my mentor had me work on some of the other stars. These stars, I thought I had already completed however they were not completely downloaded when I worked on them so I had more data to add to the code. 

On Wednesday, I continued to work on the incomplete stars, but this is when I came across another error. I do not know the exact cause of the error, but I suspect that the package we downloaded on Tuesday may have uninstalled a different package. Because of this, it resulted in the code always resulting in an error whenever I ran it. I was still able to edit and create the code for each of the stars, but I was not able to run the code and analyze the data. This will be something that I will have to do next week.

On Friday, I had a meeting with my mentors. I told them about my errors, and we made a plan going forward. I will spend some time next week finishing up the stars that I was not able to analyze as well as analyzing the data for two other stars. We will also be downloading this program called period04 so we can begin the next step. Also, at some point, we might be able to use the telescope and actually look at the stars but I do not know when this will be able to happen.

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    Hey Payton! I am so sorry about all of those errors but I love how you talked to your mentor and devised a plan to combat these problems! How are you going to present all this information at the end of the project? Also, when (or if) you use the telescope, what data would you be collecting from looking at the stars?
    Hi Payton! Since you can edit and make a code for the star can you still save what you have or will you have to wait until you can get everything fixed up? Also the Solar Eclipse is happening on Monday. Are you going to look into that or at least try to watch it?

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