Week 6: Slowly getting the hang of it

Gianna F -

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather with a side of random snowstorms here and there. 


This week I was able to interview Allison Lenocker. She is the executive director of the nonprofit Coalition of Compassion and Justice (CCJ). Their organization focuses on providing resources to the homeless. Their services reach far, going from a thrift store to providing sustainable housing here in Prescott. Allison has to work with the city to make this happen, but she actually recalled them to be very willing to help her achieve her goal — why wouldn’t they? It is a win-win situation for them too. While their organization is almost 20 years old, Allison has been the ED for only two years, but she has been involved for a longer time. She was not the person to file the 501(c)3 but she mentioned hearing all the extensive stories about it. However, she said that even though there are such extensive processes “in the end, it is all worth it.” I really enjoyed listening to such a perspective. The CCJ also has a bookkeeper who manages all their funds along with a retired IRS agent who manages their taxes! This is such an incredible resource for a nonprofit to obtain. Moving beyond finance, their startup resources were great because they initially derived from church groups. They used to be called “Interfaith for Compassion and Justice,” but they changed the name because the guidelines for filing for a church-based nonprofit and a “secular” one were different. I really enjoyed talking to these nonprofits, but as the time is ticking I have to move on to medical administrators. I have four interviews lined up in the next two weeks and I am super excited!


I have also started an Instagram page called @disected_business. I am using this platform to both advertise my podcast and hopefully add informational videos discussing topics mentioned in the podcast! I got the chance to advertise my podcast at The Launch Pads annual fundraising event, Share the Love, so I am hoping I will receive some more listeners that way. I really appreciate everyone’s support, thank you! 

Instagram Page
This is my Instagram page 🙂 I hope to provide a similar layout for each person I interview!


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    Taylor Phelan
    Hi, Gianna! I love how much you are learning from these nonprofits. For your podcast, do you have plans for more advertising? If so, what will that entail? Thanks!
    Hi Gianna! Your podcast and instagram are super professional, and they add such a unique aspect to your project. Have you run into anything especially unexpected while conducting your interviews?
    Hi Taylor! I hope to advertise my podcast a little more when I do my final presentation! I will be handing out cards with a QR code on it. Kind of like a business card. I also might hang some posters in local coffee shops, but we will see if I have that time!
    Hi Maddie! I have not really ran into anything crazy, but it is all a new process for me!
    Hi Gianna! I love hearing about the podcast and everybody you are interviewing! How are the internships going? Has it slowed as tax season comes to a close or is it crazier than ever?

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