Week 6: Downloading Dilema

Edward A -

Hey there everyone! We’re now more than halfway through this project! I wasn’t able to make a blog post last week as I was out sick and was unable to work on my project that whole week. But I was able to return this week, and it had some setbacks. We managed to finish the first few stars we were given and have begun downloading more. To download stars, we use a script Beeca wrote to download star data collected from TESS and put it in the correct file for the specific star. However, the stars kept downloading in the wrong file types and we were unable to use the data. Payton and I tried to figure out the error on our own, but it seemed to be out of our reach. We had to have Becca come and help us. With her help we were able to fix the code so that it downloads in a file type usable for us. We still encounter errors sometimes when downloading, however it can be fixed by restarting the code and it continues to download just fine.

On Monday Dr. Richardson will help us get a program called Period 04 on our computers. From my understanding, this program will take the data we have graphed and give us frequencies values, most likely relating to the variable luminosity of the LBVs we’re studying. He’ll also show us the telescopes we’ll be using this¬† week or next week at night to observe, as I have brought up the last few blog posts. We have yet to get an exact date, but it sounds like it should be soon!

Overall, we’ve made tons of progress despite the setbacks, and I’ve already learned so much about the process. I can’t wait to share more with you guys soon!

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    Although restarting the code may be annoying, it is good that the problem can be fixed relatively easily. I can not wait to hear what you will have to say about using the telescopes!
    Hi Edward! I think it's really cool how you will be able to see all of your data, and graphs on your own computer, what else can you do with Period 04? :)

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