WEEK 5: Mission… Success?

Payton B -

This week continued what I had been doing for the last two weeks. 

On Monday, I did not make nearly as much progress as I had wanted to. I said last week that I wanted to finish all of the remaining stars, but I was only able just to get started on one on Monday. This led to me thinking that the goal I set for myself last week may have been too ambitious. Even so, I had not given up yet by that point.

On Tuesday, I started making much better progress. I was able to complete the star I started on Monday and was able to complete two other stars and made lots of progress toward another star. While I was still far behind my goal for the week, it did give me a slight bit of hope that my goal was achievable.

On Thursday, I managed to finish the star I started on Tuesday and complete four others as well. This is when I ran into a bit of an issue. All of the data for the remaining stars have not been downloaded yet. This means that I was unable to complete my goal because I was incapable of going any further. This leads me to my plan for next week. I do not know if I will be able to download the data for the rest of the stars, but if I can, I plan to complete the rest of them. However, if I am unable to get the data for the rest of the stars, I will need to talk with my mentor to see what I should do going forward. I do not know what the next step of our research would be, but I may be learning about and getting started on that.

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    Hi Payton! I'm sorry for the setbacks with the data but hopefully it will all be sorted out soon enough. Do you have your mentor walking you through the process of obtaining data, or is this all personal work that you are completing and checking in with your mentor after? Great work!
    Hi Payton! It sounds like although you didn’t meet your personal goal, you had a super productive week. I can’t wait to see what the next steps of your research are!
    Hi Payton, I'm sorry you did not get to you goal this week. Hopefully next week, you can figure all this out. Good luck!

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