Week 4: Journeying Through The Stars

Edward A -

And with that week 4 is now completed! This week was simply about continuing what I had started. Now that I understand what I’m doing, I’m able to work a lot faster. I finished coding the data for 3 more stars, bringing Payton and my overall total to 7 stars. There are around 30 stars we’re trying to complete by the end of the project term and based on our rate we should be able to complete that! I also did ask Becca about that one sector that looked weird I talked about last week. She looked over it and told me how that sector always has weird data, so I was as close as I could get!

There were a few setbacks, however. When Becca, Payton, and I met, we decided to look through the data collected for each star and realized that some stars were missing some data. I believe some of them affected some of the stars we had already done. We’re not sure why it happened. It’s a bug that has occurred before. So we’ll have to redownload the data for said stars and redo them. But thankfully it didn’t affect all the stars we did, so we won’t be set back by much. Other than that, things have been moving along just fine!

We’re still waiting to hear back from the astronomy team to use the telescopes. We also discussed how in a month we will also have a break from star research to travel and observe the upcoming eclipse! This would be my first time seeing a total eclipse and I’m excited to see that event. Thanks for reading, I’ll check up with you guys again after spring break!

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    Hi Edward! Good job in progressing the star data! I think its very impressive. It would be so exciting if you could use the telescope! And I can't wait to hear your experience with eclipse. :)
    It is really cool how you and Payton are able to work collaboratively on the same project! The eclipse is a unique experience, so I am looking forward to hearing your perspective on it.

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