Week 10: To Wrap it All Up

Nathan S -

Welcome to my last senior project blog! This week I shadowed an electrical engineer. I watched him mostly do some housekeeping work like editing schematics and updating part numbers.

As this is my last blog, I would like to give a broader overview of some takeaways from this experience. When something in my life does not go as well as I expected, I can get frustrated and start to feel like I should have done something better at the start to prevent the mistakes. At Bent River though, much of the work is troubleshooting and getting through issues they run into. When trying to accomplish a large and complex goal, it is inevitable that there will be setbacks along the way, and during my project I have learned to be more accepting of the problems that occur because, after all, a large accomplishment with no problems along the way was never a large accomplishment at all.

At Bent River, all the people were impressive and inspiring in their own right, but there was someone who I worked closely with who was really amazing to me. They are a project manager, but they really do whatever needs to be done. It is impressive to me how much field knowledge he has, and how meticulous he is. If I could try to learn one thing from him, it would be that communicating and asking questions when any arise can only be a good thing. I would advise any BASIS junior to do a senior project if they can. It honestly does not matter if it is a field that is interesting and related to a prospective career path or not, there is so much to gain by just being in a unique working environment.

I am satisfied with my project and what I have been able to accomplish, but if I could I would tell myself to try to make the projector bracket that I made more complicated, as there were some issues with my bracket that were left unfixed for the sake of simplicity, and I was nervous to make it too complex and fail, but I think I underestimated what I could have done with it. Thank you all for following my blog throughout my project! I would also like to thank Jessica and Geiler Eckman for letting some callow teenager trod around and cause trouble at their business for 10 weeks straight. Thank you Mrs. Smith for organizing and managing all of the senior’s final projects. Now, I will move on to working on my final presentation for my project, which is at BASIS Prescott on May 9th at starting at 5 in Physics 1. I hope to see you there!


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    It's really motivating how even such a high field such as engineering is still about trial and error. You won't get it right the first time, but you keep going and fail more times till you get it right! I can't wait to hear more about it in your presentation!
    Hi Nathan! I completely agree with your advice that everyone should do a senior project. They are just so fun and interesting. Anyway, congratulations on finishing your senior project!

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