Week 10: Let’s End This!

Edward A -

This is it everyone, the final blog post. The time flew by, it feels like I’m barely started this project. But now, I’m happy to report that everything with the main project is now done!


I’ve finished running the rest of the stars through period04, transforming them, and getting the final graph outputs. It took a while and had setbacks throughout the way, but I’m happy I got them done and I’m especially happy knowing that my work will be contributing to research on the LBV stars. All I want to do is run them by Becca and make sure they came out all right. But to me, everything seems to have come out as it should’ve!


While I’m happy with my hard work, I am a bit disappointed that we did miss out on being able to use the telescopes. Unfortunately, it seems we weren’t able to fit that within our schedule. But that’s okay! Even if I didn’t get to use them firsthand, I plan to look into the process of how they would’ve been used for my final presentation.


I’m grateful for the opportunity Becca and Dr. Richardson provided me with. I learned so much about astronomy research from them. They were attentive, made sure we were involved as much as possible, and were always there when we needed help. It was an honor to work with them. I can’t wait to share with everyone what I’ve learned on May 9th for the Senior Project Presentations. Thank you for following my journey. See you all soon!

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