WEEK 10: High School Musical 4-> The Senior Project

Zoey C -

Phew, we did it! Senior Project complete! Thanks for checking in and hearing what I have been up to these last 10 weeks and thanks to everybody who was willing to interview with me and help me through this process! As I thought back through my project and the progress I have made, it is crazy to remember just starting and not knowing how it was going to turn out. I am happy to say that I am proud of what I have accomplished and I can’t wait to share with everybody! I had one interview this week with my manager at my job, which was a nice way to end the project!

Granite Mountain Pizza Company started out as a franchise named Nick’n’Willy’s. Marissa talked about how this is the biggest mistake since they took some profit from the company. Her best advice from starting a business is to make sure you plan financially with at least a year of income. You should also be prepared to work A LOT, because your small business is your baby! With hiring employees, I have been asking what their hiring process is to make sure that they are hiring the wanted employees, and Marissa stressed that a good resume and application is reflective on the person. If someone puts in effort to write a good resume and fill out the application as much as they can, they will most likely the type of worker a person is!

Other than this interview, my main focus this week was to wrap up on my business plan. I have finished everything and I am soo excited to share what I have been working on! With my financial forecast (which I am most proud of because of the blood and tears that went into it), I wanted to talk about the sales forecast a little bit. When talking to business owners, I have seen that a majority of businesses take about a year to start to make a profit, yet of course some are instant and others take a couple years. I knew my business needed to have about a year where we were not making a profit, and I made sure it was reflected in the forecast. My first year is projected to lose about $6900, but the next year, I do end up making a profit. The reason I hated doing these forecasts is because there is no real facts to base my predictions off of! If I had already been open, it would have been easier to predict what I would make in the next year, but instead I had to just look at the population and guess how many people would try a drink. If I was to start The Sip Shop, my predictions could be too high or too low but the only way to know for sure would be to actually open a soda shop! The graph below depicts my sales predictions, and I would like to see that my profits are forecasted to increase over time! There are certain months where I feel would be less busy so I took that into account, but overall I have an increasing number of profits.

My profits seem to go up every year!

With my survey, I have 78 responses, which is pretty good for just letting it out a couple of weeks ago. 55.1% said they would go to a soda shop, so I will take that as an accomplishment! I have posted it on the Facebook page for Prescott Valley and I tried to get it on the Chino Valley and Prescott page but they never approved it sadly. I have also sent it to everybody I have interviewed so hopefully I get more responses before I am presenting. My presentation is going to be at BASIS Prescott on May 9th at 5pm, so anybody is welcome to stop by and hear about me and my classmates’ presentations!

I am sad to say this is the end of the road, but I am thankful to everybody who has stopped by to check out my weekly posts and hear about my project, as well as everybody who was willing to be interviewed and participate. Also, thanks to Mr. Corradi for helping me survive this project! Peace out!

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    Taylor Phelan
    Congrats, Zoey! I’m looking forward to seeing your presentation and hearing about your business plan! I hope this project helped you solidify your career goals :)!
    Hi Zoey! I’m so impressed by all of the different aspects of your project, and I really enjoyed getting to follow along with your journey!! I can’t wait to see your final presentation.
    You have accomplished so much Zoey! I am so excited to hear about what you have learned! It will be especially fun to compare our ideas!

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