Week 10: All Done

Edie L -

Hi guys!

This is the last week for my blog, and I am very excited about sharing my project! Overall, Me and Professor Eaton think the lab was a success. There were a few problems with the lab such as the wording, but we were able to get so far in the ten weeks we had. The students had fun and enjoyed it. However, there could still be improvements to the lab.

Professor Eaton and I realized that we could have put pictures down in the lab to give the students a better idea of how to use the software. Another thing we realized was the more TAs there were, the smoother the lab went overall. On the FTIR Lab, there were multiple steps that had the instructions “repeat steps 8-11” we realized we could have clarified it a little more. On the Microplate Reader Lab, there were problems with the pipettes. The students would be getting different volumes in the wells. This confused Professor Eaton and I because we had no idea how that was happening. Another problem with the Microplate Lab was air bubbles that kept popping up inside the wells. The students said they would also like to pipette in front of an instructor more so that they can make sure they are doing it correctly. We also realized the amount of protein we had the students make for their stock was very small. We think it might have been better to give the students the stock solution and have them do just the dilutions in the wells.

While there were problems with the labs, overall the students had fun. I was able to get a student to give feedback for the lab. They said that the lab was fun and useful for them in the field that they want to go in. They look forward to doing more labs like it in the future.

You can come and see the entire process from the first to last week on May 9th at BASIS Prescott. Thank you so much for reading!

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