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Hello, all! I am Taylor, and welcome to my senior project blog! I must admit that I fully planned out this entire project back in eighth grade, so seeing it come to life will be a literal dream come true, especially as the avid, hopeful writer that I am. I look forward to having you all join me on my journey through book publication. 

My project is broken down into two parts as I work with Writers Publishing House: five weeks of research, and five weeks of publication. I will study traditional, self, and hybrid publication methods to gain a deep understanding of my intended career path. I will interview local authors and write reports on the pros and cons of different methods of publication, all while deciding which is best for me. Ultimately, I will publish my first book and establish my place as an author in the literary world.

Here is a link to my internship company:

Writers Publishing House Website

Below is a link to my senior project proposal. I go in-depth with my methodology and prior research. Please look into those if you are interested in gaining a basic understanding of publication! You will want to know some basics before I start rattling off about ISBN numbers.

Senior Project Proposal Documents

I hope you will enjoy joining me for the ride! I have my work set out before me, but I know I am on the write pathUntil next time, as Brom Holcombsson says, may your swords stay sharp!

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    Hi Taylor! I think it is really cool how you want to interview some local authors. Are there any authors that you are really excited to talk to or that you are hoping will be willing?
    Hello Taylor! First off, that is SO COOL that your are working to publish your own book so young! Do you have any idea about what your book will be about? (I am assuming you do considering you have had your project planned since eighth grade :))
    Hi Taylor! I am so excited for your project and even more excited to read your published work! Have you found that the publishing process is notably different across genres of writing?
    Taylor Phelan
    Hi Zoey! I have five local authors total that I’m planning on reaching out to. Hopefully, all of them will be willing :)
    Taylor Phelan
    Hi, Gianna! My first book will be a collection of about 100 poems. I decided to hold off on my fiction novels until I am older.
    Taylor Phelan
    Hi, Maddie! Great question. Publishing is remarkably different across genres, especially fiction v. non-fiction. I’ll definitely go into more detail about that in another week :)

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