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Selene R -

Hey everyone! My name is Selene. I’m currently in my Senior year at BASIS Prescott. During my free time, I love to crochet, get my nails done, and journal. I enjoy taking walks around my neighborhood, grabbing matcha with my friends, and traveling with my family. Recently architecture has piqued my interest especially as I’ve had the opportunity to travel more. I am constantly looking at new buildings and am always captivated by the architecture.

First impressions are always critical and essential to how a person views a business and making architecture sustainable would tremendously positively impact the planet. Have you ever wondered how a business succeeds with sustainability? Since sustainability is complicated to define, businesses have come up with “the three bottom line” concept, a concept that essentially lays out bylaws for a business to become sustainable without the deficit of profit. There are multiple ways a business can achieve sustainability, an example being its architecture.

For my research project, I decided to tackle a specific type of business. After some thinking, I decided on a healthcare business. Healthcare architecture is extremely overlooked in today’s society and something I would be interested in learning more about.  I will focus on three main topics: Sustainability, Architecture, and Healthcare to research the level of sustainability of a healthcare business’s architecture.

I am excited to share this journey of my research project with you! I will be mentored by Dr. Sandra Bernal and David Brubaker at the University of Arizona to make my research happen. If you are interested in looking at my Senior Project Proposal, which goes into further detail about the information I mentioned and the steps I will be taking to achieve this project, here is the link: Senior Project Proposal

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    That sounds very fun! I’m excited to see what you find!
    This is a hot topic that needs more attention. Finding that balance between business productivity and protecting the planet needs to be found and I'm happy seeing one of my friends wanting to take initiative into looking into the research behind it. Best of luck on your journey Selene!
    It is impressive that you were able to connect three seemingly unrelated topics that you are interested in to create a meaningful project. Will your focus be more local architecture, or a broader range?
    Hi Nathan! Thank you so much! My goal is to focus on one specific healthcare business, and so far I have heard of one located in Tucson, If I am able to somehow meet with the business, then I would be focusing on local architecture. :)
    Hi Edward! I agree with you, this topic is often overlooked, and I am so excited to researching it, Thank you so much for your support! :)
    Hi Edie! I am looking forward to seeing what I find as well, Thank you for reading! :)

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