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Zoey C -

Hello everybody!

My name is Zoey, and I am so excited about the opportunity to be able to do a senior project! In my project, I will be working with Dr. Willer, an optometrist who owns his own optometry office in Prescott, Arizona. Together, we are going to learn more about business management and better techniques to help manage a small business. There are two separate parts to my project: collecting the data and then using it to make the physical project. Dr. Willer has been in Prescott, Arizona for more than 35 years, and because of this, he has many contacts with other small business owners. The part of my project that I am most excited about is using many of these contacts from Dr. Willer to interview different small business owners in my area to gain a wider knowledge base about businesses. I will be able to talk to them about why they started their business and what struggles they have gone through.  When talking to these owners, I will focus on management techniques that have worked and others that were not as effective. I will also look at how their businesses have changed after implementing successful techniques compared to other techniques. I am hoping for the chance to be able to shadow the business side of some companies if allowed! That opportunity would add a little pizzazz but the experience and interactions will contain the most value. It will be very interesting to meet business owners from many backgrounds and learn about their experiences with managing their own businesses!

My ultimate goal is to use these collected proven techniques to form a business plan of how I would start and manage a small service business of my own! The only problem with this is that I have no idea how to make a business plan other than the little research I completed through my project proposal. Lucky for me, I have some people who are willing to teach me how to build a business plan, and they will guide me and lead me in writing my own. Because of them, I will not screw up my business plan! I also hope to show how ineffective methods do not work as well as how exactly the proven techniques do work. I am excited for this opportunity to complete a senior project, and I cannot wait to get started! Thanks for being here, and I am looking forward to seeing the places we will go throughout this project!

Senior Project Proposal

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    Hi, Zoey! I love your goal to make a personal business plan. What sort of ideas do you have for your business? Will it follow the optometry model or be something different?
    Hi Taylor! At the moment, I am still looking into different types of businesses, and I have not decided fully what kind of business I want to build a plan for. But, I am thinking of doing a soda shop! Great question!
    HI Zoey! I am super stoked to see your project unfold. I think it will offer awesome insight into the struggles faced by smaller businesses and the the barriers they need to overcome. I love your soda shop idea as well! I wonder if it will parallel a small coffee shop. Do you think working with a business in Prescott is going to reflect a unique business experience or a more general one?
    Hey Zoey! Wow, it’s super cool that your project intertwines with your plan to start your own business! Are you hoping to interview small businesses in a bunch of different sectors, or are you more focused on small businesses of a particular type?
    Hi Gianna! I think that with Prescott being a small, retirement community, this experience could be a little different from working with a business in a bigger city, but I feel like it will mainly be a similar experience to other business owners with starting and running a business.
    Hey Maddie! I will be talking to small businesses in a wide range of sectors, but they will all be under the general umbrella of a service business. This way, I am not comparing a business selling products to a business selling services. There would be a difference in how the companies are managed and ran, and that could mess with my end results!

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