INTRO: In The Beginning, We Are All Stick Figures.

Gianna F -

 Hi, my name is Gianna and I would like to welcome you to my blog. I will be breaking down a multitude of perspectives about the tax system, ranging from my own to those of *a stick figure. 

Throughout the many years I have spent at BASIS, I have developed a blossoming interest in the United States’ economic policies. From the Keynesian economic principles used during World War ll to the current Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), the United States has always relied heavily on spending to better our domestic standard of life. While, on paper, this concept sounds fairly reasonable, you may question where our government gets all this spending money. Well, if this question is racking your brain, like it is in mine, you have found the perfect dependent, who still receives a refund on her W-2, to tell you all about the implications and complexities of the tax system. 

For the past month, I have been interning at a local Certified Public Accounting firm, where I will continue my main internship. My primary job will be tax processing, and while I am looking forward to learning this new skill, I am even more excited to simply observe the chaotic environment of the firm when tax season rolls around. I think this experience will clue me in on all the steps required to develop just one tax report. On top of gaining this insider perspective, I will be creating a podcast in which I will interview different business owners, medical facilities, non-profit corporations, and accountants. I chose to take on this additional task because I want to hear the start-up stories of local businesses and get a better understanding of how much the general population knows about the taxes they are filing. This topic is rather fascinating because taxes are arguably the backbone of our society. However, a minute portion of our population can even explain the ancient machine that is the progressive tax system. With this internship and these interviews, I will be able to examine if the concept of dealing with taxes is enough to hinder the economic prosperity of certain businesses and therefore is the “Sword of Damocles” to our economy. 

I hope you all will enjoy this turbulent journey as much as I will. 

*Below is a picture my mentor drew for me using a stick figure to represent business owners attempting to tackle taxes to convey the basic inner workings of the tax system.

Stick Figure
For further information on my project attached below is the link to my proposal:

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    Hi, Gianna! I’m looking forward to watching your project because I know I will learn something from it! Is your project topic of taxes/accounting something you want to pursue in your career?
    I'm so interested to see the practical side of how taxes affect each of these different areas of business. And I'm really excited to get to hear some interviews from local businesses. Do you think you will face any difficulty interviewing larger businesses?
    Stella DePaolantonio
    hey gianna! im starting next year as a freshman but I could not resist looking at your project! keep working hard! god loves you<3
    Hey Gianna! I think it is really cool that you are interning at an accounting firm! You said your primary job is tax processing, so what exactly do you do for that and how will learning that skill benefit your project?
    Hi Taylor! Thank you for reading! I hope to study business in public health in my future, but I really wanted to explore the finance world so I can get a better understanding of what it takes to develop a successful business model.
    Yes, I think this might be my first revision to my project. While I was talking to Stephen, the CPA, I learned that in order to be classified as a "larger business," you have to have 500+ employees. I will probably end up changing that category to "established businesses" (meaning they have been receiving profit for five plus years).
    Hi Zoey, so tax processing is basically getting all of the major documents clients need to see and sign as tax season starts in order and making sure the whole process is correctly completed. This experience will not only provide me with the opportunity to see the lengthly process of filing complicated taxes during their busiest time of year, but it will also give me the chance to work with different tax forms and laws. These things are important to my project because I want to be able to walk away with an extremely different perspective on what it takes to run a business.
    Hi Gianna! I love your idea of using a podcast to explore different business’ perspectives. Will your podcast focus on comparing different tax processes or will it mostly focus on identifying the level of tax knowledge businesses have?

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