Week 1: Getting Started

Edie L -

Let me just say I’m excited for this project! On Monday I met up with my onsite adviser Professor Teresa Eaton. She gave me a tour of the lab and the STEM building. I got to see some computer science classes on the lower floor as well as chemistry and biology labs on the upper floors. Professor Eaton showed me a chemistry classroom which looked nothing like our school’s classes. Each desk is a lab bench. I also got to see the labs I would be working in as well as the machines I would get to use. On Tuesday, a former BASIS student took me on a tour of Embry Riddle. She showed me places like the library, the student union, the offices, and more! I got to see more of the campus and the buildings I can use while working there. I can’t start working in the lab yet. I need to take an online training course on lab safety, and then get trained in person. The plan is to complete the training by Monday then I can start working a little bit on the lab. It was difficult to do the training especially when the document keeps saying I don’t have permission to edit the form. I had to go in on Wednesday to get that technical issue fixed. It should be all fixed and I can complete the training. I have been reading up on the material and the training course. Hopefully I can complete the training by Monday. I like my project, and I’m really excited to see how it goes! I’m also excited to be in the lab! This seems like a fun project and I can’t wait to work more with Professor Eaton! I just need to finish up the training course and we are all set to get to the fun part!

Embry Riddle chemistry classroom
Chemistry class
Chemistry Lab
Chemistry lab I will be in
Spectroscopy machine
Machine I might get to use


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    I hope your training goes well. I can't wait to see how this goes.
    That lab looks so cool! So many new tools you get to experiment with, I hope you have a lot of fun with the equipment when you finally get to work with it! Have you learned anything new about lab safety that we didn't know from high school?
    The safety training was mostly covered in school. There were some differences due to it being a different place. For example, there is a certain place to meet if the building were to be evacuated. I also got to see some lab accidents in the powerpoint they showed me. I never knew of some of them. They were in universities like a UC college somewhere (I forgot the place) and Yale. It was mostly standard safety like what to do if there is a fire, or chemical spill. One thing I did learn was that there are different kinds of fire extinguishers, and each look different depending on what they spray out. A CO2 fire extinguisher will have a huge nozzle at the end while a regular ABC extinguisher will just have a tube. I'll post more about what I have learned in my week 3 blog.

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