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Sofia R -

Hey guys!

My name is Sofia, and I go to BASIS Prescott. In April of 2022, I started volunteering at my local hospital to learn more about the field of medicine. I worked at the front desk until I eventually transferred to volunteer in the ER. Since then, I have spent over a year helping medical staff, and I have only become more interested in the field. I have gotten to see a vast variety of cases and have learned where my interests lie. This experience was the start of my journey to learn more about emergency medicine.

My project is about on-scene emergency medicine, and the effects of low-acuity calls on a fire department. Through my project, I aim to create a better understanding of on-scene medicine for myself and the public. The goal is to create a guide to show what happens when 911 is called. I hope to learn about the different position’s scopes of practice, standardized medical protocols, and how different agencies come together to provide medical care. This project looks at how medical providers assess and treat patients, as well as ways in which to lower the pressure that is currently on our emergency medical system. During my project, I will be riding along with the Prescott Fire Department. I will observe actual medical calls and learn from EMTs and paramedics. I also hope to become CPR and Stop-the-Bleed certified. By learning more about how the department functions, what thinking strategies are used, and what technology is available to first responders, I am confident I will be able to create a fluid understanding of this type of medicine.

Prescott Fire Department:

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    Toby Chang
    There's a ton of myths/misconceptions about emergency responders from shows and movies, and I'm excited to see you contrast the fact and fiction of what happens when you call 911!
    I am so excited to see what the behind-the-scenes look like! Do you know if the fire department have a strict time limit they must follow to get to the site?
    It sounds like you really have a great, concrete idea of what you want to look at. I'm really excited to see where your research will take you. It's great that you will be able to observe from multiple sites to get different perspectives!
    Yajaira G
    I am so proud! How often will you be doing ride-alongs? What are some things you can or cannot do during them?
    Frank Vakili
    Good job Sofia Reese. We are so proud.

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