INTRO: How Students Can be Motivated To Do Their Best Work Inside and Outside The Classroom


Hello, my name is Drew and I am a senior at BASIS Prescott that will be conducting a research topic on the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and their application both inside and outside of the classroom. I will be conducting surveys at Embry Riddle here in Prescott with my on-site advisor, and I will be analyzing the results and determining how each answer corresponds to each type of motivation. I will also be doing my own research on how each type of motivation alters brain chemistry and how this affects certain processes in the body and brain, as well as how these changes in brain chemistry can result in overall better or worse performance. I then will be applying the results of both the research and data from the surveys to struggles faced by students in the classroom, such as test anxiety and ADHD. My goal is to put higher emphasis on mental health and demonstrate how important the brain is, as well as help students that struggle in the classroom with motivation and other issues. My project will result in visual demographics that demonstrate my overall findings, as well as conclusions based on the results of my data and research. I hope to answer my research questions in depth, as well as raise new questions surrounding the topic. I aim to help students with their struggles, as well as help teachers understand how to help their students to make student life as easy and stress free as possible.

Senior Project Proposal

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    Hey Drew! This is a super interesting idea. I have had a lot of issues with motivation in the past and still do sometimes now. I am excited to see the results to see if I can get any tips for myself.

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