Wrapping Up the Presentation

Colin K -

Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. This will be my final post about how my project is going since next week’s post is just going to be me describing the entire process and my thoughts about how the project has gone overall.

So I finally got exhausted trying to use the online PowerPoint so I decided to switch to another computer so I can actually use the desktop version so the slides are quickly coming together since I already had most of the information written out. However I am having a bit of a hard time trying to figure out how I want to order the slides. I keep switching between explaining what WAMD is first to give the audience an understanding of what a majority of the project is centered on or going super broad and explaining everything that has a small impact on WAMD before getting into its specifics. However even with these minor issues I still feel like this part of the project is finally running smoothly for me.

For my pamphlet, I found an online site with the help of Ms. Bennett who introduced me to Canva which has a bunch of different templates which I can use to make my own pamphlet. I had a bit of confusion on how to properly format it since it doesn’t break the pamphlet down into the trifold version, just two big pages but I have it mostly figured out now.

The only part of my project that I am falling behind in now is my data analysis since I have no real idea on how to do it. I am going to ask some other teachers for help so hopefully I can work it out by the end of next week. If I don’t figure it out by mid-next week I am going to need to find a lot of youtube tutorials so I can have most of it done.

That’s all I have for this week so thank you to everyone who has continued reading this blog!

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