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Colin K -

Hi everyone, welcome back! Throughout this past week I have started working on making my PowerPoint for my final presentation of my research. While I thought doing a PowerPoint would be easier than working more in Excel I haven’t used PowerPoint in years so I have no clue how to properly format anything on it. Whenever I change small stuff like font or try to add an indent, all of the text including the text box glitches and either expands around the screen, turns from black to white text, or other weird stuff I have no clue how to describe. I don’t know if it is just my computer acting weird or if it is PowerPoint but it massively slows down my workspeed and my desire to work on the PowerPoint. This is the first week where I stopped gathering surveys for my own project (I am still getting surveys for ARC’s research) and I got two times the average amount of surveys I got in the past few weeks in just the two days I worked in this week so far! While it is just a coincidence when all the injection patients are scheduled compared to my project I am still somewhat miffed that I can’t add the 10 WAMD surveys I got in the last 2 days to the research (I got around 20 surveys in the past 2 days for all injections). Throughout the rest of the week I plan to gather all my data and some images on WAMD and put it into a single document so that once I figure out what is going on with PowerPoint it will be easy to start setting up all my data and images on the slides.

Thanks again to everyone who has been following along with my project and see you guys next week!

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    Great to read your update Colin. Formatting can get frustrating at times. Don't give up! Try to focus on the content and the rest will eventually fall into place. I have one quick question: what does your survey reveal so far? Do most patients live on their own or do they depend on family members or caregivers for help?
    Great work, Colin! PPT can be a pain, but Madame Owanga is is the content that really counts!
    Hi Madame Owanga, I feel that overall while patients can be commonly disgruntled at the wait times they all still ultimately feel like getting their injections outweigh any chances of losing their vision. A majority of the patients answering the survey say they do not have a hired caregiver at home and that they don't need much help from their family members. I feel that this means that this could correlate with the generally low number of answers stating that these injection appointments massively disrupt their schedule. Another comparison between these data points I can make with these is comparing the need for at home care with the answers about how much their vision loss affects a patients life.
    Thanks Ms. Bennet! I am still trying to figure out PPT on my computer but I am slowly figuring out formatting for a few of my slides.

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