Week 1: Starting off with the Internship

Tejasvi S -

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first week of the senior project blog! This week, I got to start my internship at my site placement (Global Electronic Recycling). Global Electronics Recycling aka GER, is a e-waste recycling center where they accept e-waste from multiple entities, ranging from corporate businesses to private recyclers. An interesting fact that I learned was that 80% of the recycled material they receive cannot be refurbished or repurposed. The remaining 20% is what GER makes its profits out of. Additionally, if they make profit from recycling a certain device or machine, the consumer actually gets paid some of the profit as well. However, if recycling the device or machine actually cost them more than the value of the refurbished product, then the consumer is charged that amount. These are some things I learnt during my time their this week, and I hope to learn more in the upcoming weeks!

My job at Global Electronics Recycling this week was working with recycled conference phones from various companies across the United States. I would first plug them in and check if they were working. If they work, I would then proceed to check the audio of the machines. Then, I would erase the previous data on the phones. Lastly, I would make sure the conference phones looked intact and not too damaged, and then I would wipe them down and clean them. Then, I put them back in their boxes, so they can be listed and resold to other customers.

Regarding my research, I have received all my data, and am currently working on organizing all of it since I got ~105 responses! Hopefully, I  can start running tests on my data starting next week.

Thank you so much for reading! See you next week!

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