Week 9 – Let’s get working!

Edward Z -

This week, while I had little time to work on the project due to traveling to different colleges, I changed the scope of the project. Originally, it was supposed to be BASIS Phoenix as the case study — but as time proved to be my “mortal enemy,” I decided to change it to BASIS Scottsdale.

The reason I’m choosing to do BASIS Scottsdale is because:
1) Topology is easier. With only 17 nodes and 14 links, the area for me to work with is far easier than the dual-gated BASIS Phoenix campus. This will allow me to focus solely on testing the “alpha” or first product such that I can move onto more complicated structures. By doing this, I can save a bunch of time, but also make sure the methodology I’m working with is solid from the ground up.

2) Data. I already have data for the campus, which will make the initial calibration much easier. This way, I won’t have to measure new data to receive accurate waiting time estimates. The data is also quite high-fidelity allowing me to create great output solutions for the smart reservation-based system.

Additionally, the methodology has slightly shifted. Because the senior project is due soon, I’ve decided to first use excel to calculate an analytically-solvable solution to school traffic instead of simulation. Theoretically, in more complicated node-link structures, simulation is the only way to generate high-fidelity data, but we’re testing it on the Scottsdale campus so we should be fine for now.

That’s all I did this week, hope you understand these new changes!


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