Week 8

Aanand M -

Hey everyone! This past week, I completed my data analysis, and also figured out that I will be using the means for each sub-category of the DMQ-18, and finding the standard deviation and 95% confidence intervals for each sub-category as well. I’ve also attached an image of the data analysis I performed. Regarding my AP Research project, my first practice presentation is in less than 5 hours, and my final presentation is in less than 2 weeks (I can’t believe how fast time flies)!

Regarding my presentation, I’ve found it extremely rewarding to create it, simply because it’s extremely fun to look back at when I was just planning this study, and seeing which components remained the same and which ones also changed, and whether those changes were beneficial or not. I’ll continue to also write my paper and refine my presentation in the coming weeks, but I cannot believe that we’re now in the final stages of a daunting project that felt like it began just yesterday!

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    Hi Aanand! It's really cool to see you reach the final stages of your project! What were some of the changes you made in your study that ended up being beneficial?
    Hey Srimayi! One of the biggest changes was shortening the estimated data collection period from 9 weeks to 6 weeks. Although it had a trade-off with not collecting as much long-term data, it was more beneficial for the amount of kids that could participate in the study!
    Alana Rothschild
    Hi Aanand! You are really ahead of the game, which is awesome. Thank you for attaching the data- the visual aid is so useful. You have accomplished a lot in a short time. Great job!!!
    Hi Aanand! What changes do you think were most impactful?
    Hey Ms. Bennett - thank you for your question! Besides modifying my data collection period to best fit my research site and participant requests, I think the biggest and most impactful change was actually the data I measured. Up until October, I was actually going to use an entirely different scale, which, although would've measured changes in motor development (something more concrete), would've costed hundreds of dollars and taken hours to administer with parents. Thankfully, I found independent mastery motivation and the DMQ-18 as a free, time-effective, and reliable way of measuring tangible change.
    Hey Mrs. Rothschild - thank you so much for the kind words, and I'm super excited to present in just a couple of days!

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