Week 8: Limitations and Implications

Kashish S -

Hi Everyone, I hope your week went well! During this last week, I’m trying to finish up my project and that basically means not only complete the data analysis, but also figure out limitations and implications of my research.

In terms of limitations, my biggest one would just be my access to sample sizes. I gave my surveys, the DASS-21 and Cultural Orientation Scale, at this school; since this school is on the smaller scale in terms of high school population, it limited the sample size’s representation of the overall teenaged population. Additionally, since BASIS Phoenix is a type of charter/college prepatory high school, it has a very different population in terms of demographics than the greater Phoenix population of teenagers. More specifically, this school is underrepresented in terms of certain ethnic groups, which makes it more challenging to extend results from my surveys to a broader generalization about all teenagers.

However, these limitations make it easy to foresee future directions for my research. For example, future researchers can broaden their sample size to multiple high schools, or can even compare multiple high schools to see whether school culture plays a role in the correlations between individualism and collectivism and psychological wellbeing.

This also links back to the implications, or the “why”, of my project. Ultimately, this project aimed to see whether in our quickly changing world, as I have stated before, the onset of technology and societal expectations, which have contributed to a rise in earlier autonomy and individualism, play a significant role in determining wellbeing. Specifically, I wanted to know if these significant changes were found in teenagers, who are at a uniquely vulnerable phase of middle adolescence where they are trying to find their identity in a quickly and constantly changing world. Thank you for reading my post, and have a wonderful week!

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