Week 8

Prerna K -

Hey everyone! This week I am going to be talking about some of the limitations of my research.

So first off a limitation was the qualifications to participate in the study. To participate in the survey and interviews, the athlete had to currently be in highschool, where the estimated age range was around ages 13 to 18, and secondly they must have experienced their injury when playing their sport. There was no restriction or qualification based on severity of injury, which definelty altered the data. The injuries that were in the recieved responses ranged from sore muscles to ACL tears and concussions, and this does impact their psychological readiness.

Because my focus was on just seeing if their psychological readiness differed between competiton levels, I allowed for any injury to be accounted for so I could recieve the most responses.

The second and rather bigger limitation was sample size. My data collection consisted of 50 responses and 10 interviews. When analyzing data,  I separated data between sports to account for if athletes played for multiple teams or sports. But this heavily decreased the sample size within each sport category.  Some sports had data of around 15 athletes, while some sports only had data for one athlete. I will be trying out putting all the data into one graph(without separating sports) to see if there are any trends. For interviews, though 10 interviews is more realistic for this study, it limits severity in responses. My past post discussed some trends in the interviews if you want to see what the interviews looked like!

Thank you!


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