Week 7

Aanand M -

Hey everyone! I held my sixth and final driving session last week. Last week, I concluded the study for remaining 2 kids. The progress that each child has made has truly amazed me, and was frankly something that I had never foreseen.

Regarding data analysis, the quantitative part consists of a predetermined method of adding the scores of DMQ-18’s questions by its 7 mastery motivation traits, and finding pre-test and post-test means with standard deviation and 95% confidence intervals. However, regarding the qualitative part, I have transcribed each parent’s responses from Weeks 1 and 6, and will put them into a spreadsheet. From there, I aim to find common themes amongst parental responses, beginning broad and narrowing down to 4 themes regarding the car experience,

I will be presenting the first draft of my AP Research presentation this week, and I am extremely excited to display my quantitative and qualitative findings.

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