Week 7: Finding more Interviewees

Elizabeth V -

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Last week and this week I’ve worked on finding more school counselors and school psychologists to interview. Right now I have five possible interviewees but I’ll update you all on how many end up being able to work with me. To prepare for the next interviews, this week I worked on updating my list of interview questions based on my last interview. Some of my questions ended up being repetitive and others led to follow up questions so I changed those to send to the next counselors and psychologists. I’m very excited to hear more from experts I’ll be working with!

I’ve also been working on finding studies for my literary review to fill in holes that I have. Some of my interview questions don’t yet have studies to compare them to so I’m working on finding research that I can use this week. 

Last week I was able to work in-person again with my on-site advisor and I worked on helping to decorate her room. I’ve also been working on some decorations from home to give to her tomorrow when I go back to her school. Next week I’ll attach a picture to my blog post of the decorations I’ve put up so that you guys can see.

My favorite part of this week has been looking into more studies and discovering which specific topics I’m interested in. I’m looking forward to hearing more from the people I’ll be interviewing and updating you guys again next week!

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    Hi Libby! Your project is really interesting, what are some of the specific topics you are interested in?
    Hi Libby! What is your process for finding interviewees?
    Hi Libby !! Are you going to expand your interviews/surveys to school's outside of Phoenix?
    This seems really cool!! Excited to do a project my senior year :-)
    Abby Fleming
    Libby,wow! this seems like a great project! I was wondering how many students that you are interviewing.
    Hi Libby! This sounds so fascinating! What are some of the studies and specific topics you looked into?
    Alana Rothschild
    I can't wait to see the pictures of the counselor's room! You can always help me with mine. LOL Thank you for coming into Honors Lit this week and presenting to the students. I was very impressed with how comfortable you appeared in the front of the classroom- you are a natural teacher and counselor!
    Hi, Libby! This topic seems really interesting and I can’t wait to see the final results! Where are some of the school counselors/psychologists that you are interviewing from? Like specific public schools/districts, charter schools specifically, private, a mix? Thank you so much!
    Hi Libby! Great work. How do you think counseling space impacts student services? I know counselors that have had to work in pretty tough spaces, such as shared spaced lacking privacy. I even worked with a counselor whose office was severely damaged from a leak in the ceiling! Offices in schools can be hard to come by!
    Hi Libby! It's awesome how this project is really helping you define your interests. Good luck with your next interviews!

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