Week 7

Nithya S -

Hi everyone,

This week I went into the office to pack more of those safe sex pouches for a future outreach event. This one will be at ASU  so we are hoping to hand them out to college students. I also met with my adviser to discuss the upcoming delegate’s meeting. It is next Tuesday. Some of the tasks she gave me for during the meeting is to facilitate an icebreaker. We are thinking of a speed dating style icebreaker, and I will be coming up with questions for that. I will also be helping out with registration at the beginning and setting up the food when the caterers arrive. We will also meet up in the office the Monday before the meeting to retrieve some thing we need for it and do some printing. I also had the meeting with the planning committee for the youth symposium that I’m helping plan, and we discussed how I can come up with ways for the youth that we are inviting to get involved whether they host breakout tables or are active audience members who share their opinions.

For the final project, I am continuing to work on the paper, and have been reading and annotating more articles I found interesting.

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