Week 6

Aanand M -

Hey everyone! I held my fifth driving session last week, where we had all kids show up. Last week, I concluded the study for 2 kids, and conducted the second-to-last driving session for the other 2 participants. As always, I’m amazed by the progress that each participant has made in gaining independence.

For the 2 participants whose data collection finished last week, my activity at GiGi’s Playhouse during their sessions consisted of an extremely similar format to Week 1, where I instructed parents to take the DMQ-18 once again (in context of their child’s driving activity from Week 1 to 6). I also asked them questions from my qualitative survey, of which I’ve attached 3 sample questions below. It was extremely emotional for me and the parents while looking back in retrospect, and seeing the joy and growth that each child has had while driving. It warmed my heart to hear from many that “car-driving” has become the highlight of kids’ days and even weeks.

I will return to GiGi’s Playhouse one last time tomorrow to conclude my data collection for this study! Time has flown by so quickly!


Sample Questions:

  • How would you describe the benefits of the ride-on car? How would you describe the drawbacks of the ride-on car?
  • Describe any additional or unexpected situations (positive or negative) that have come up in the past few weeks in relation to your child’s ride-on car.
  • How do others (friends/family) respond when they hear that your child drives this car? Is this the same or different as when your child first drove the car?

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    Hi Aanand, so cool to see the impact of your project. Do you think the appeal of the cars motivates your participants to improve on some level?
    It's truly amazing to see how much you are impacting the lives of these children and their families! I was wondering if there were any significant drawbacks of the ride-on car that the parents expressed during your qualitative survey?
    Alana Rothschild
    Aanand- this is such important research and I look forward to learning more. One of my dear friend's has a son with Down Syndrome so your project is dear to my heart. Keep up the great work!
    Hi Ms. Bennett - thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I definitely believe that the appeal of the cars motivates participants to improve. 2 of the 4 families entered the study motivated by their kids' preexisting passions for cars, and thought that it would simply serve as a "two birds, one stone" project which could help their kids explore their playful passions and improve their independence!
    Hi Natania - thank you so much for your comment! The only drawback that I've heard is that, during the first few weeks, kids didn't necessarily adjust that smoothly to the car, and were hesitant to enter and experiment with independence. However, over time, they gained comfort within the car, and began exploring their independence as a result.
    Thank you so much, Mrs. Rothschild; It truly means a lot!

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