Week 6

Nithya S -

Hi everyone,

This week I am mainly observing some more meetings. For instance, I will be observing my advisor’s meeting with her delegates on Title X matters. I will also be observing the STI project manager’s meetings with different people from Affirm who are collaborating with her and seeing the logistical-backside of a project rather than the community oriented- frontside. I am also sitting on another meeting for the adolescent imitative and will be keeping notes of that meeting. Later, we will compile everyone’s notes and discuss it. I am also going to be going into the office to pack more safe sex pouches. This time they will be handed out at a community outreach event, so we hope to give even more away and educate members of the community.

I am also furthering my research on specific populations that are barred from equitable birth control access such as rural residents or minorities. I currently have a draft of my final essay as well, and working towards adding more to it and revising it.

Thank you for reading,


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    Hi Nithya! How has it been writing your essay? Were there any specific struggles you faced in terms of finding specific data or information?
    Sinchana Keshav
    Hey Nithya! Now that you are gaining experience in most aspects of planning and executing a project, do you have a preference for which side you're working on? Do you enjoy being more hands-on in the frontside or being part of the organization and planning aspects?
    That is very cool and it is so interesting that you are doing this!!!

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