Week 5

Prerna K -

Hey everyone! I have started a little bit of data analysis as this is my last week collecting data through the survey. I have received a little under 50 responses so far, which was around my goal sample size. My research mainly consist of analyzing quantitative data, which is focused on the responses to the “Injury-Psychological Readiness to Return to Sport Scale” (I-PRRS) and the yes and no questions at the end of the survey. I have begun calculating the scores for the scale, which already had designed test assigned to it. The original scale went from 0-100, where the test would be to add all 6 responses and divide by 100, but because I altered the scale to be from 0-10 so it was more easily self-assessable, I would divide by 10. The highest score possible for this test would be a 6, which shows complete confidence and readiness to return, a 3 would mean moderate confidence, and a 0 would be no confidence. As of now, I have only seen one athlete with a score of 6 and one athlete with a score of 0. Most responses so far have been anywhere between 3 to 4.

For the yes and no questions, I as of right now plan to do a chi-square test, and will be seeing the relation between the responses to the questions and the different level of competition. Though these questions had optional explanations along side them to allow participants to elaborate on their response, because they were optional I didn’t receive as many but I will be incorporating some as quotes within my paper.

I have begun interviews as well and I am hoping to close interviews by the end of this week or early next week!

Thank you!

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    Hi Prerna! I am super excited to hear that you have almost reached your goal sample size! How will you be analyzing and quantifying the data you receive from the interview responses?

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