Week 5

Edward Z -

Hello everyone, welcome back.

Today’s a Tuesday and I’m writing this blog post because I have a ski trip tomorrow. This week, unfortunately, I was unable to bring myself to get to much work due to some very crucial personal issues – however, because of my duties, I will finish this on time.

On Friday, I met with my faculty advisor for an hour-long meeting to discuss the simulation framework. The general idea we came up with is essentially allocating available space (i.e., reducing total available space for more efficient travel) to a “fast-lane,” like the ones you see at Disney. This one is similar, I hope to design a scheduling system to test 3 scenarios.

a) Null Hypothesis: No fast lane/dedicated scheduling area – this will serve as a base case for the scenario analysis where I’ll calculate the difference in actual waiting times, emissions, among other indicators.

b) Rotating Schedule: Parents will be set in a rotating schedule where they’ll have the option to choose the lane they’ll want. This way, a tight window ensures that every parent will have an equal chance at and time to enter the school lane.

c) Availability: Parents sign up for slots they need. Ideally, this will not be run on its own, but combined with other methods to ensure fairness and overall user experience. However, this option gives the freedom to the parents for them to decide what best option suits them.

For our school in particular, I think it’d be interesting to utilize the parking lots near J (if allowed) or convert the north parking lot into some sort of scheduling lane. This way, we can utilize our current available space effectively. Additionally, it might even help with reducing human error such as the time when a car swerved into the grass near the E building, which is incredibly important to avoid.

Finally, I am in the works of obtaining survey data and data from Maya, an alumni of BASIS scottsdale, who collected traffic data there and I’ll be able to use that for the basis of the simulation.

That’s all I have for this week. Thanks for reading, have fun, and stay safe during spring break.

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    Hey Eddie - I'm very impressed by your commitment to your research project! Regarding the 3 "scheduling system" scenarios that you mentioned, do you have a personal prediction for which one will probably be the most efficient/practical?
    Hey Aanand! Thanks for the question. I think a mix of both b and c is my guess. It gives the parents enough flexibility while making sure they get a stricter schedule to avoid queue inefficiencies.

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