Week 4

Nithya S -

Hi everyone!

This week I have been observing a lot of my advisor’s meetings with other staff and her delegates to learn more about the type of work she does. For example, I observed a meeting with one of her delegates where they discussed the pamphlet reviews which I touched on before, and they even asked me about how I think we can get youth involved in this process.

Speaking of the pamphlet review, I had mentioned in a previous post that I reviewed one about abstinence. We found the language in that pamphlet to be a little dated and shameful, so I have been tasked with looking for a new pamphlet that we could possibly throw into the review process.

Furthermore, I have started working on the rough draft of my final paper. For now, it will be solely historical and based on already existing research, but I plan to eventually add information that I have gained from my experience at my internship.

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