Week 4

Ishita U -

Hello everyone! This week has been mostly rigging out my characters’ bodies for all my levels. Rigging a body is pretty much creating different movements for a character. A rig consists of a series of joints that mimic actual bone structure and provide natural pivot points between bones. The character’s mesh is connected to joints through weight painting so the joints and mesh will move together. This week, I plan on completing all my level body rigs so that by next week, we can start building the game.

I have graphed out what the first level will look like. The first level consists of effortless hand-grabbing defense techniques. The man will grab the woman’s hand and will try to take her away. Once he grabs her, a line will pop up describing the situation and below it will be two options: The correct one and the wrong decision. Depending on what decision the girl makes, the character will do the same movement as chosen. This will make the game more interactive and will allow the user to visualize the situation. As the levels move on, the harder the game will get. I have also added some elements like the color belt level idea where in the game scene, once the user accomplishes one level, the button will turn a certain color and the biggest level which is 10 will be black representing a black belt.

This is all for this week! Thank you so much for reading and if there are any questions, please let me know!



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    Hi Ishita! The idea of martial arts belts for each level is super fun! What kind of coloring process will you be using for your character model?
    Arnab Misra
    Great job on the outstanding progress! The meticulous process of rigging characters' bodies not only brings them to life in a virtual world but also mirrors the intricacies of human movement; I think it is fascinating and I cannot wait to see where the project goes in the coming weeks!
    Hey Priya! Thank you for your question. Could you emphasize what you mean by the coloring process?

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