Week 4

Sinchana K -

Hello Everyone! In this week’s post, I will be explaining more about my methods and how I have chosen and will be identifying the toxic behaviors in my movies. I hope this will help you guys understand more about my specific processes and when I discuss specific movies and their data. My methods are broken up into three main sections, my first scale, second scale, and qualitative observations and notes:

First scale: In this scale, I am collecting data on the prevalence of the 9 chosen toxic behaviors in the plots of the 15 chosen movies. The goal of this scale is to see the role that each behavior has on the plot of the movies/ the characters’ storylines and to study how this role has changed over the 30 year study period. Each of the nine behaviors has a scale from 0-5, and these 9 scales will be applied for each movie to get a number that represents the prevalence of each behavior in each of the 15 movies. For example, zero indicates no prevalence of the toxic behavior in the movie, and 5 indicates that the behavior is present majorly and is an integral aspect of the movie’s plot line. 

Second scale: In this scale, I am collecting data on the characters’ acknowledgment of the said toxic behaviors in the movies. The goal of this scale is to see if the characters are able to recognize and react to the toxic behaviors in their relationships within the movie, to help solve them, and/or transform them into healthier relationships. The scale will be applied to each behavior present in each movie. For example, if movie A displayed cheating, love bombing, and stalking, then this scale will be applied three times in this movie specifically to see the character’s capability in recognizing each toxic behavior within their relationship. 

Qualitative notes: Throughout the movies, I will be noting down qualitative themes and plot lines which provide more detail on the behavioral trends in these movies.

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    Hi Sinchana! I think it is very smart to not only look at the toxic behaviors, but also look at if the characters acknowledge them. What made you include the second scale as well?
    Hey Sowmithra! I was trying to figure out how to add more depth to my research when I was originally making the first scale, and a couple of my peers in AP Research and Ms. Anderson suggested testing whether or not the characters acknowledge the behaviors because solely seeing the prevalence of the behavior might provide false information if they later go on to address the behavior positively. I then decided to keep it on the same 0 to 5 scale as the first one to make the data analysis easier.
    Hi Sinchana, great insight into your project and your methodology. I am interested in how your site placement is helping to inform your project!
    Hey Sinchana, I love the take you took on collecting data for your project! I was wondering how you planned on connecting your qualitative and quantitative data for your final research conclusion?

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