Week 3

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Hi everyone!

A lot has been going on this week. First, I attended the CARE Conference. This is a conference that aspires to empower youth. The keynote speaker delivered a beautiful speech on finding your spaces and values as an adolescent. I attended 2 smaller sessions at the conference too. The first one was on suicide postvention and was presented by Teen Lifeline. The second one was on shifting the way youth mental health is perceived and how to provide them helpful resources. It was presented by Bring Change to Mind. Bring Change to Mind also had a youth panel where some of their high school members answered questions about how they strive to make mental health less stigmatized. 

Second, I attended another conference, the Pediatric Update Conference. This time instead of being an attendee, I was an exhibitionor, which means I helped run Affirm’s booth. Many different people came to our booth from all over the country and we told them about our adolescent health initiative and how to get involved. 

For my own research, I have been looking at reproductive healthcare trends in Arizona to broaden my understanding of my topic. 

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    Hey Nithya! It sounds like you had a busy week attending and learning from these conferences. How do you feel that being an attendee versus an exhibitioner has impacted your experience at these conferences? Is there anything you learned that has been different between the two, and do you have a preference for being an attendee or an exhibitioner?
    Hi Nithya! It looks like you were able to learn a lot of new things this week. How did you feel about hearing from adults vs the youth panel at the CARE conference? How important do you think relating with the speaker is in regards to this topic?
    Great work, Nithya! I am interested in how your involvement in the conferences have informed your research about reproduction rights in Arizona. How do you think young people are impacted by the changes to landscape in recent years?

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