Week 2

Prerna K -

Welcome to Week 2! This week I am  going to talk about what I mean by competition levels and why I chose to focus on this. The paper in specific that introduced this gap for me was a study done by  Clement et al. (2015)  titled “Psychological Responses During Different Phases of Sport-Injury Rehabilitation: A Qualitative Study”. In this study they analyzed how the athletes readiness altered in different phases of rehabilitation. The phases included were the initial reaction to injury, reaction to rehabilitation, and reaction to return. When discussing the implications and further research at the end of the study, Clement et al. (2015) expresses that “​​Nevertheless, future researchers in this area should investigate the psychosocial responses of injured athletes who compete at a variety of levels, including but not limited to high school, Divisions I and III, professional, Olympic, and senior.”.  I began looking more into the role of competition on stress and injury rates in high school athletes. According to a study done by Warmath et al.(2022)  in “ The role of Athlete Competitiveness in High School Sport Specialization in the United States’ ‘, specialization within sports has caused greater amounts of injury along with greater amounts of negative psychological responses in young athletes. It was also found across a few other studies that competition level differences had a direct impact on athletes commitment. All of these factors can influence ones psychological  readiness to return to sport, which was why  I incorporated these factors into my survey and interview questions.  I will be determining competition levels for this research by the division lists provided by the AIA and CAA and leagues within club sports, which you guys will see more of once I begin analyzing the responses to my survey and interviews!

See you guys next week!

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