Week 3

Aanand M -

Hi everyone! I held my second driving session last Wednesday, and it was a success! Out of the 4 children participating, 3 showed up (1 could not due to illness). From last week’s session until March 7 (Week 5 session), I will not be assessing any survey or questionnaire; each session will only consist of children driving. I will return to GiGi’s Playhouse today for Week 3 of data collection, and all 4 children are confirmed to drive today. I have not started any data analysis, but I am seeing immense progress in these kids’ ability to learn to drive, and the reactions that them and their parents have are truly priceless!

Additionally, as part of my AP Research paper, I also refined my abstract, literature review, and methods. This consisted of me gathering past scientific articles to analyze the results of other (similar) studies. However, it also consisted of using articles to establish my topic of inquiry, which is examining independent mastery motivation in children with Down syndrome specifically.

Week 2 was less rigorous than Week 1, as it solely consisted of kids driving their cars. I’ll return to GiGi’s Playhouse today for Week 3 as I continue my study!

I’ve also attached a picture of the car that we use at GiGi’s Playhouse below (yes, the kids do drive luxury cars :))

For explanation, the “Big Red Button” on the steering wheel is what allows the children to push these cars (the equivalent of an accelerator pedal). This modification is what allows children with developmental and physical disabilities (in general) to drive these cars in a more accessible manner.

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    Hi Aanand, thank you for sharing the picture! It's great to see the modifications. Are your observations at this stage formal? Or are you working to just get the kids used to driving the cars?
    Hi Ms. Bennett! My study design includes objective observations at Weeks 1 and 6 for the DMQ-18, but each child's parent and I are making observations about each kid's progress!

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