Week 10

Aanand M -

Hi everyone! As we enter the waning stages of our Senior Projects, I’m wrapping up my AP presentation as well as my paper submission. I’ll present my research for the College Board sometime early next week, and will also be submitting my paper sometime late next week (or perhaps the earlier part of the week after). However, there’s one twist: I’ve reached back out to each participating family to surprise them with a ride-on car of their choice for home use and for no cost. I thought of this as a way to thank my participants for their weeks of time and dedication, and to foster each child’s independence in a more accessible manner. It’s important to note that this has no relation to conducting my study.

From the responses I’ve received from the families, they all in fact want Jeeps, because each child will be able to drive them for years instead of growing out of the car. I’ll also have modified, customized, and delivered these new Jeeps within the next month, and I can’t wait to see how far these kids go (literally and figuratively) by using them!

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