Week 10 – Presenting the Project

Arnab M -

Hi guys, It’s Arnab and this is my tenth weekly update on my senior research project: Exploring the Genomic Effects of PNPLA7 Mutations on Cerebral Palsy through RNA Sequencing.

These past weeks have been incredibly stressful but productive. As we have finished the entirety of the research and analysis work from this research project it is time to compile and consolidate the information to get it ready to present for our target audience. Our final products that we seek to produce are a research paper, research poster, and a professional presentation. Obviously due to our target audience you must keep in mind that most people have no clue about the small details and information within this project, so my final products must represent that which is easy to understand for people from all backgrounds. My paper was not written with the goal of publishing to a journal in mind, although I am diligently working on that in the background, it was written as a guide for any person who wants to learn more about RNA Seq analysis and how I did it. The language is not filled with jargon terms and words, instead it is filled with clear and concise information for all readers. My poster as well was designed to guide viewers of the visual plots produced from my project and what they all mean. It was very fulfilling to create these final products and looking back at the amount of time I spent writing, designing, and perfecting the paper and poster, it feels amazing.  I am still working on the presentation as everything ties in smoothly together and putting the final touches on the paper and poster, but I am incredibly happy with the work I’ve put in and what I’ve gotten out.

As we lead to our last blog post, I would like to reflect on how incredible this experience has been and how much I’ve learned. It’s been a pleasure to work with the Kruer Lab, BASIS Phoenix, and even working with myself, learning things I couldn’t have imagined 4 months ago.

Thank you so much for sticking with me this far along, and I’ll hopefully see you next week for my final post!

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